In the current “covid” climate, courses are being offered online via Zoom for small groups or one-to-one. As lockdown eases, providing it is safe to do so, it is hoped that some classes can resume face-to-face; however, the Zoom option will remain as it has proven to be a positive way to learn a language, both in small groups and for individual tuition.



  • Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced level

  • Kaffeeklatsch - conversational German in an relaxed environment

  • Holiday German - learn enough in 10 weeks to get by on holiday

  • Via Zoom or in a classroom setting


  • Ideal for A-Level and GCSE candidates

  • University students, to supplement a main course or as a subsidiary or secondary subject

  • Learners who prefer a more individual experience not offered in a group

  • Business courses tailored to your specific work requirements

  • People who want to learn quickly or for a particular purpose

  • Via Zoom, or in your home or mine in Harwell, South Oxfordshire




Aimed at complete and false beginners, this course is designed to take you from the initial tentative steps at A1 through to confidence at communicating in your new language on a visit to Germany (A2). You will be able to introduce yourself, say where you are from, talk about your family, home and job, read signs, buy travel tickets, ask directions, and order food and drink. You will learn the basic structures of the German language, some rules of grammar and word order, and your goal will be to be able to communicate with native speakers on a short trip to a German-speaking country.


At B1/B2, you will build on the skills acquired in the Beginners’ Course, and you will be reading and discussing topics such as leisure, working life, the media, holidays, food and drink, and feelings and passions. You will be using all tenses, discovering irregular verbs, and learning more complex sentence structures.


You are now able to tackle the more challenging texts and discussion topics of C1/C2, including the environment, history and politics, success and failure, and science and technology. You will be able to read complex German texts taken from the media and understand native German spoken at normal speed in TV and films.


A young person studying a language at GCSE or A Level can benefit from some additional tuition, which can be tailored to the syllabus they are following, and to practising those areas they find most difficult. Practice for both the written papers and orals is available. Most of my students who have studied with me for several months during the final year before their exams have attained at least one grade higher than predicted.


International business people whose companies have strong links to Germany will have very specific language requirements to enable them to communicate with colleagues, understand business emails and presentations, and take part in meetings. I can help you take those first steps in German, and develop your skills so that over time you gain confidence to hold your own in business situations.


A ten-session introduction to German, to enable you to communicate on a holiday or city-break. With some knowledge of German under your belt, you will gain far greater pleasure from your trip by being able to exchange pleasantries, order food and drink, book yourself into a hotel, navigate your way around, understand signs and go shopping. Take this short ten-week course, and your city break or skiing holiday will take on a new dimension when talking with local people.


Meet together in a group to speak German informally over a cup of coffee. For groups of 5 or more, with at least intermediate (B1) level of German. In a local cafe or home. Or combine this with ...


Whilst speaking German, learn how to follow a recipe and prepare German food to take home, or bake cakes from authentic recipes in German, and then enjoy Kaffee und Kuchen in Yvonne’s kitchen! Half-day courses for 3 to 6 people.


Accompanied bespoke trips to Germany, Austria or Switzerland can be arranged with Yvonne, offering an opportunity to visit a German speaking country and try out your language skills whilst exploring a city or rural region of your choice. For small groups or couples, 3-5 days.


Go and stay with a German speaking family for a week or three - you will be amazed at the boost this gives to your German! I am exploring links with German companies where university students and young people can go and gain work experience on short-term placements.