I recognise that people learn in different ways, and so I offer a range of learning materials and methods to suit your style. For those following a GCSE or A Level course, the relevant course book specific to the syllabus, together with past papers, ensure that all exam requirements are covered, and exam material practised. 

For adults learning German at any level, I suggest a course book to give a structure to the course. This might be a general course book, one specific to business, or a short book that covers everything required for a holiday. Most of these come with a CD or downloads to give you extra listening practise, and incorporate written practice within the book or an accompanying activity book. 

For everyone, I take notes during a class as an aide-memoire which are emailed to you after the lesson. I suggest homework exercises, either from your course or activity book, or in the form of worksheets, to consolidate what you have learned during the class.

There are many good books on the market, including course books, activity and practise books and text books, many with CDs. Here are some of the ones I have recently used with groups and individuals: 

* Willkommen, 1 and 2 - a good grounding for beginners and post-beginners

* Begegnungen Kurs- und Arbeitsbuch - from level A2 (lower intermediate) - instructions all in German, which some total beginners find rather off-putting

* BBC Talk 1 and 2 - ideal for holiday German

* Current German GCSE and A Level coursebooks, specific to the syllabus you are following



I am experienced teaching people with specific needs such as dyslexia and hearing loss. These do not have to be a barrier to learning a language. Please do get in touch for a chat.


There is nothing more satisfying or helpful to language study than practising your new language skills in the target-language country! To that end, I am able to arrange short visits to Christmas markets and weekend city breaks for small groups, and encourage personal visits, exchanges and internships.